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The world’s best professional skincare for healthy, beautiful skin, exclusively available in the Cayman Islands. Our luxurious boutique spa features Environ facial treatments that harness the power of Vitamin A and active medical grade ingredients. Spa Indigo’s essential treatments with Environ facial products make lasting changes, ensuring that your skin not only looks more healthy and beautiful – but is more healthy and beautiful.
Meet Lisa Boni, Professional Beauty Therapist

As a Beauty Therapist trained in the UK, Lisa Boni has over 35 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry.

Before moving to the Cayman Islands over 20 years ago, Lisa worked in several countries. As a result, she acquired the training and experience which helped her develop a unique approach to skincare. “Treat each client’s skin care needs by looking at all aspects of the person’s lifestyle, health and skincare habits.” This personal approach helps Lisa recommend effective treatment plans for Spa use and at home.

Lisa loves what she does and strives to inspire and motivate every client to achieve their skincare goals.

With new products and treatments constantly being introduced, it can be overwhelming to know what is good, bad or simply being over-promoted. Lisa’s experience and training allow her to focus on her client’s best interests, taking the necessary time to research thoroughly. Of course, keeping your products and services up-to-date is essential, but doing so with your client’s best interest at heart is what sets Lisa apart.

Spa Indigo is a unique personal boutique spa providing the highest quality skincare and designs in advanced Anti-Aging skin regimens for each client. With medical-grade skincare + the latest electrical therapy to enhance the results, this is world-class skincare at its best!

Contact Lisa to book your personalized skin treatment and start your “healthy skin for life” journey today!

Reveal your skin’s natural beauty!

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Our COVID Guidelines

The health and safety of our clients are still our highest priority. Please read through our guidelines prior to your appointment and call Lisa at 345-916-5977 if you have any questions.

  • Sanitize your hands on arrival at the spa (available on the right wall in the spa lounge)
  • Maintain social distancing from other clients at the spa
  • We have installed the latest Aura Air technology, providing a holistic solution for a safe COVID-Free environment in our Spa lounge and treatment room
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell or have traveled in the past 5 days
80 MINS. $175
Environ’s pioneering formulations set the benchmark for effective, results-driven professional skincare treatments. The professional skin care products, help deliver more of what skin needs where it needs it most – making a real lasting difference in the appearance of your skin, for life.

Helps soften the appearance of fine lines, sun-damage & sagging skin with our peptide and vitamin packed facial for a more youthful appearance.

It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and increases the look of plumpness of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient, promoting an appearance of moisturized, glowing skin.

Ideal for calming the look and feel of sensitive, irritated skin. A powerful combination of intelligent ingredients leaves the skin feeling soothed with a healthy-looking radiance.

A targeted solution for the appearance of sun-damaged or pigmented skin. Boosting the skin with the correct combination of ingredients results in flawless-looking, radiant skin.

60 MINS.  $160
Specially developed to target specific areas using Environ’s synergistic ingredient technology, ensuring that the appearance of your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed. Perfect for when time is limited.

An iconic peptide blend assists in reducing the look of expression and frown lines around the eyes and forehead resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Combining our powerful peptide complexes with Hyaluronic Acid ensures a completely refreshed, hydrated, and youthful appearance.

An intensive combination of the Environ technologies; COOL PEEL and efficacious formulations improve the appearance of mild scarring, revealing the look of smoother, evenly textured skin.

The powerful combination of vitamin A, C, and AHA is a unique approach to assist in lightening the appearance of pigmented marks resulting in the look of a more even-toned, brighter complexion.

TriaWave enhances the delivery of specific nutrients through low-frequency sound, and pulsed iontophoresis, while facial muscles are improved through microcurrents. For best results, repeat monthly for 3-6 consecutive months.

Environ’s New Focus-On Filler Treatment combines skincare technology and a New Powerhouse Professional Serum to help smooth the look of facial lines and restore a rejuvenated, plumped youthfulness to your skin’s appearance in targeted areas such as eyes and cheeks.

90 MINS. $185 – $195

Environ’s unique Cool Peel Technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin peel system developed by Dr Des Fernandes, to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten the appearance of the skin. Experience a real, lasting difference to skin’s appearance through beautiful science.

This Cool Peel treatment assists with reducing the appearance of premature aging, fine lines, sun damage, and an uneven skin complexion. Discover the power of an intelligent skin peel that will leave the skin looking vibrantly youthful and refreshed.

Designed to gently buff the skin’s surface and focus on revitalizing the look of dry, tired skin, revealing a healthy-looking glow. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling.

Environ’s interpretation of the classic deep cleanse facial. This unique method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle in exfoliating the skin’s surface, yet effective in purifying and assisting to control the appearance of congested, breakout-prone skin. This unique, gentle peel helps to achieve visible improvements, leaving the skin looking radiantly healthy and refreshed. 

This gentle lactic acid Cool Peel assists with reducing the appearance of premature aging, fine lines, and an uneven-toned skin complexion, as a result of excessive sun exposure. 

This powerful Cool Peel therapy assists with the management of the appearance of blemish-prone, distressed skin, by purifying, cleansing, and assisting in reducing the look and effects of clogged pores and surface impurities. Our hero treatment for the effects of problematic skin conditions.

A concentrated, vitamin C-infused peel that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy. This treatment is proven to deliver a healthy-looking complexion with the appearance of an even skin tone and texture because vitamin C is essential for the skin to function at its best. Excellent choice for the appearance of sun-damaged, pigmented, and mature skins.

A relaxing, results-driven facial with the addition of TriaWave, a state-of-the-art device to enhance the delivery of specific nutrients through low-frequency sound, and pulsed iontophoresis. Facial muscles are improved through microcurrents.

LED Light therapy is an FDA approved, effective treatment for wrinkles and acne. It’s powerful, deeply penetrating wavelengths are easily absorbed.
Boosting cellular energy resulting in a cascade of metabolic events. Increasing tissue repair and regenerating cells.
LED Facial – 60 MINS. $170
(Buy a course of 7 treatments, 2 per week and receive the 8th treatment FREE!)

LED Facial – 90 MINS. $195
Deluxe – 120 MINS. $225
Additional 15 min . $25


60 MINS.  $165
80 MINS.  + TRIAWAVE $185

Silhouette vortex powerful peel and vacuum – stimulating new skin cells and increasing collagen. Refines pores while reducing fine lines and pigmentation.

Full Leg $50  +  Bikini $85
Half Leg $40  +  Bikini $65
Upper Leg $45+
Back $60

Full Face $50
Eyebrow $20 +
Lip $15 
Chin $15 +


Lash Tint $50
Brow Tint $25


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